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8 Week Challenge Online

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Group Coaching Challenge

Here’s the lowdown-

8 weeks of workouts based on 4 sessions per week from a different range of training styles used over the years to get clients results and help push their limits.

These workouts progress in either intensity, volume, time under tension or reduce rest time to help boost your physique, mindset & boredom.

It is an online group based coaching challenge, where you will be added to the app group chat for all information, workouts, links to other materials etc.

The app will provide the full workouts with reps, rest etc, along with video demonstration of each exercise so no one can go wrong or guess.

Nutrition guidance will be applied with a calorie count and macronutrients breakdown and I will even supply guideline nutrition plans to help anyone that is stuck or can’t count calories etc.

The app is linked to your my fitness pal account, as well as your fitness tracker (Apple Watch, Fitbit etc) so that everything is logged and making it more accountable. The more we take track of the more we can see adherence to the plan.

There will be progress pictures being uploaded along with body stats (weight, circumstances etc). If you do not want to do this then I’m sorry it’s part of the challenge as others will be taking part so it’s everyone or no one. It is also a great way to keep yourself accountable as others will see what you are achieving and complimenting each other will induce adherence and motivate others in adherence to the challenge.

This challenge is a group effort and making sure everyone is willing to take part is a major part. So please don’t sign up to be nosey as other will benefit from taking part in the challenge.

The group is limited to 20 people to ensure everyone helps each other and get the best guidance from the group and myself.

There is a lot of knowledge and guidance available on the challenge so please take advantage of it when it starts 👌🏼.

To secure your place then please buy this product ASAP  


The 1st pre-paid will be the people involved as I won’t hold places for anyone.


Platinum PT ❤️