If you want to feel inspired, then you've came to the right place. These transformations
have took place thanks to Geo's mixed knowledge of, physical training,
and mental knowlegde needed to turn poeples lives around.

Hannah's Story

"From being intimidated by the weights area and all the people that trained there, George educated me on resistance training and why it could help me get my goals.

George taught me all the lifting techniques and cue phrases to make sure my resistance training was safe, while pushing me from my comfort zone.

Lydia's Transformation Picture
Lydia's Transformation Picture
Myself and George worked closely on my nutrition guidance with 24/7 contact on how foods where making me feel and how my body reacted on them. This helped narrow down what my body responded to and how I could achieve the results and goals we had set out to get.

I am now more confident than I have ever been, attending the weights area by myself and making better food choices along the way.

I can’t recommend George enough for all his help"

Andy's Story

" From being an everyday gym goer and winging my workouts, a quick conversation with George helped me understand what had to be done to get results. I wasn’t disciplined enough to do this on my own and George agreed to take me on as a client.

The programme I received was personalised to my goals with no fancy or dodgy techniques that I didn’t know or couldn’t do. Basic moves with a detailed plan on how to progress.

Lydia's Transformation Picture
Lydia's Transformation Picture
My nutrition guidance was also personalised to the foods I like and portions I could enjoy. Having all this and the guidance of George daily with check ins weekly, helped me stay motivated to my end product.

I’m only 8 short weeks I had achieved a massive difference in my physique and lifestyle. From gaining 8-10lbs of muscle to reducing my body fat % by 10%. I can’t express how helpful George is and I am continuing my fitness journey under his supervision”

Ross's Story

"From being a family man, working 2 jobs and attending the gym when I can, I felt as if I was getting no where with my training, eating or physique.

I had seen the results George had got and how he treated his clients and I decided to invest in myself and hire him as my coach.

George and myself came up with a plan that could get me results without using up all my free time, allowing for family time.

Lydia's Transformation Picture
Lydia's Transformation Picture
A personalised programme and nutrition guide was set. It was all food I liked and exercises I loved. This made it enjoyable while getting the results I had tried so hard to get in the past. My lifestyle had changed I was more confident in myself and fitter than I had ever been.

I switched from personal training 1-1 to online coaching as I moved gyms and my results keep coming. George is great at what he does and highly recommend him as your coach”

Jennifer's Story

“After trying 2 or 3 PT’s, my body had never really changed. I joined a new gym and ended up in a conversation with George one day that led me to sign up for PT.

It’s the best thing Iv ever done. From having no results to being in the shape of my life within a short period of time, I couldn’t believe the knowledge George had at understanding the body and how it works to get it to change for the better.

Lydia's Transformation Picture
Lydia's Transformation Picture
Resistance training has always been part of my routine, but the basic moves with the detailed understanding George provided made it fun but difficult, whilst getting the results we had set out to achieve. George is still my coach and I will continue to use him until circumstances change.

I can’t recommend George enough to anyone wanting to achieve a better lifestyle, mindset and most of all physique”.